Dealer Information

4994 Murfreesboro Road, Lebanon TN 37090

OPEN Every Sat/Sun (Mar – Nov)   8 am – 4 pm
RESERVATIONS - 615-449-6050
Leave message 24 hours a day

OFFICE HOURS   Friday   12 (noon) – 5 pm         Sat/Sun   7 am- 5 pm

RENTAL PRICES - (1 parking space per booth)

 Under Roof 12 x 12 w/2 tables---Saturday & Sunday $35 for the weekend (Trailer or 2 vehicles require additional booth)
 Outside Spaces 15 x 15 w/1table $10 per day---extra table $3 per day (if available) Electric not available at all outside spaces 

THERE are no discounts for multiple booths, UNLESS you have a regular booth AND prepay each week.
Regular dealers PLEASE ASK for this information at office. 

All prices include electric---UP TO 2 PER BOOTH (such as 1 light/1 fan)---MORE fixtures are charged $5 per weekend.   Heat presses & dryers for window tinting are an additional $5 per weekend, but only in certain buildings. 

Dealers are welcome to spend Friday/Saturday night at a charge of $5 for the weekend. 

All Prices include Wilson County Business License of $1 per Day per Dealer noted on receipt.

All Dealers must be registered with ACTIVE Tennessee Sales Tax Certificate   *Ask us for info*

The market is NOT open to dealers Mon-Thurs.  PLEASE do not call to be let in the gate.  All dealers business needs to be conducted on Fri/Sat/Sun.  Nursery dealers can park at the gate & walk down if they need to water their plants.  

Any Nursery dealer leaving plants during the week will be charged an additional $10 per week (April-Oct) for water. 

We appreciate you choosing Parkland as your market and would like to welcome you.  In order for the market to run smoothly, we must have some rules.  Please read ALL of the information we have provided for you.  We know you will agree to abide by these rules, therefore having another GREAT year at Parkland.  Please feel free to stop at the office with questions anytime during the weekend.

1. ALL Rent will be paid before anyone is allowed to set up---NO EXCEPTIONS. Please do not ask. Our goal is to fill all booths. If you are NOT going to be here, we need to know. When reservations are made---We will hold a space for you until 8:30 am---If you do not show, we WILL rent your space to the next person in line. You are responsible for the rental fee—even if we rent the space to someone else. Advance payments will be accepted until 4 pm Sunday. Advance payments are for your benefit to save you time, money and hold your space. If it is past 4 pm Sunday, please do NOT stop by the office to pay. Someone is in the office all day Fri/Sat/Sun. You have plenty of opportunity to pay before 4 pm Sunday. Starting this year, ALL REGULAR DEALERS, must prepay. If you do not, we will not hold your space for the following weekend. If you are a regular 2-day dealer, we expect you in your booth both days. If you cannot do this, then you will lose your permanent booth and placed on a rotating schedule. Please give us a phone call and we will be glad to try to work with you. Communication is the KEY. Our market is advertised to be open 8am – 4 pm. We would appreciate all dealers being in their booth during this time. We thank you for helping us maintain these hours.

2. Absolutely NO refunds---Please don’t ask---Rollovers due to weather will be decided by office.

3. All Dealers must be 18 years of age or older. A REGULAR dealer is defined as a vendor who is with us from March – Nov 30. We will be glad to hold your spaces at the end of the season for the next season if you are with us during this time. If not, we will be glad to provide you with a different space when you return the next year. This applies, starting this year, to ALL DEALERS no matter what you sell.

4. REGULAR dealers---BEFORE any changes are made to your booth---Please notify office. If you would like to secure your booth, tarps may be hung at the back of your booth. All tarps must roll UP & DOWN---not SIDE to SIDE. No tarps in walkway. Please be considerate and do not block your neighbor’s booth by rolling down your side tarps before 4 pm. When you close, your neighbor may still be open. All tarps must be rolled up and secured tightly before you leave on Sunday evening. Harold will remove any tarps left down during the week. You will not be allowed to replace them. We are an open-air market---Please remember---If you hang clothes or racks in your booth, they MUST not come out all the way to the walkway on the side of your booth. You may only come out 4-6 feet from the back on the sides. Also, please do not stack merchandise on your tables higher than 4 feet from the ground up. We must be able to look from one end of the building to the other. We are having a major problem with tarps, racks, etc. being left in booths when you miss a weekend. We know this is a convenience for you, but it makes it difficult to rent your space when it is setup for you. If you are going to miss a weekend, please remove your racks, chairs, etc. so we can rent the space to someone else. The space behind your booth is for parking only. All merchandise needs to be in the building. If you would like to sell a vehicle behind your booth, that is fine as long as you have enough parking spaces. Please do not double park behind your booth. We need to allow space between each building for emergency vehicles.

5. Our trash situation was good last year. When you leave, take EVERYTHING you didn’t sell back home with you. You may think that 1 box is not very much for us to throw away---EXCEPT there are 300 vendors that would leave 300 boxes plus broken TVs, microwaves, bicycles, etc. We CANNOT possibly keep up with that much trash. Please do not try to cram it in the trashcans. Those are for your customers. Anyone leaving anything except tables, racks and chairs, will be charged a $25 cleanup fee. We appreciate your helping us keep the market clean.

6. No one may rent, loan or sell his or her space to anyone. If you are not going to use it, it goes back to the office to be rented to the next person on the waiting list.

7. No alcoholic beverages allowed on the premises.

8. Absolutely NO soft drinks, chips, jerky, pork rinds, tamales or candy to be sold. NO prepared foods at all. If any doubt, please check with office. Ask for information/requirements on home-baked goods or canned items.

9. No loud noise making devices. Radios, tape players, etc. Last year, we spent too much time asking people to turn down their music. We will only remind you 1 time this year. Please consider your neighbor. We would hate to ask you to leave the market.

10. No merchandise at end of tables in walkway. All walkways have to stay clear for customers.

11. Conduct yourself in a proper manner at all times. NO topless men or women. Keep your shirt on.

12. All children must be kept under parents’ supervision at all times. We have lots of wonderful children at our market, so we want to keep them safe. The other dealers are NOT babysitters. Because of the liability to the flea market, we will only remind you 1 time to keep your children in your booth at all times. If you cannot do this, we will have to ask you to leave the market.

13. Merchandise may be left Fri/Sat night at Dealer’s risk. Parkland is NOT responsible for any loss or damage to or theft of any merchandise day or night. All storage units/trailers left at the market must be secure with locks.


15. No long guns, handguns or ammunition of any kind will be sold at this market. No firearms (even personal ones) allowed on premises at all. NO fireworks/popping caps (Snappy Pops)/Dynamite or any explosive materials.

16. No drug using materials such as: pipes, papers and clips. ALSO, no burning of incense or candles.

17. No electrical appliances in use during business hours. Our electric wiring is not sufficient enough. NO electric heaters/air conditioners/coffee pots/microwaves, etc. If you spend the night, you may use these items before 8 am and after 5 pm.

18. No counterfeit “Knock Offs” or unauthorized reproductions sold. Please make sure all licensed products are LICENSED. Any counterfeit/illegal merchandise at this market will be confiscated & reported to the authorities.

19. All food and health/beauty products MUST be in date. Please check the expiration dates on all your products.

20. NO charcoal/gas/electric grills to be used during business hours. NO open/closed container fires. Please be watchful and careful of your kerosene/propane heaters. All of these are safety hazards that we need to control.

21. The market may expel from the grounds, at any time, anyone, for any reason deemed in the best interest of the market. The market’s only liability is to refund the balance of dealer’s rent at the management’s discretion.

22. Please enjoy your day at Parkland—Our market should be a great source of income for all as long as EVERYONE follows these rules. Be proud of your market and booth. Help us keep it clean, safe and legal.

If you feel you cannot abide by the above rules, we welcome you to find a market more suitable to your needs.